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In our studies of fluid dynamics we created a patented mixing technology that is in a class of its own, unlike anything available today.  A new, revolutionary mixing system that eliminates those annoying clumps of unmixed powder that other shakers leave behind. Our patented “quiet action” mixing system turns your routine protein powder drink into a frothy, delicious treat. And cleanup is easy. Simply wipe out the container with a damp paper towel. No pesky powder residue stuck in the bottom corners of the bottle, like those other shaker bottle brands you own. And that all-too-familiar unpleasant order is gone as well!


Made from the highest quality plastics and silicone available, your shaker will not only outperform the bottles you use now but will outlast them too. Rugged and tough, fill your bottle and take it with you wherever you go with confidence it will be ready when you need it, free from leaks or other messy incidents!


Our patented 4-pronged atom can be used in your other shaker bottles as well, providing a better mixing experience than they were originally designed to perform.