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Our company has been in the consumer products design and manufacturing business for over 20 years. As consumers of protein shaker bottles ourselves, we experienced many of the same issues so many others complain about. Leaky caps, troubles mixing protein powder thoroughly, noisy mixing devices…and the list goes on! As product designers, we knew we could do better. After researching the market extensively and testing every bottle brand we could find, we went to work designing a better mixing system. With our engineer’s extensive understanding of fluid dynamics and mixing chemistry we developed the most efficient way to create chaos and agitation to blend liquids and powders together.  The Atomic Mixer was born! We’re proud to offer this truly unique mixing system to all of those dedicated to healthy lifestyle engagement, whether you’re a serious body builder or someone who strives to improve your overall health and fitness. Common to everyone though, is time. None of us has enough of it in our busy lives. We’re confident our product will give you back that little bit of time we all strive for.